Winelovers for Charity

Dear friends,

Dear winelovers,

For the second time in the history of the Rotaract Club Vienna International we present you our wine charity event „WINELOVERS FOR CHARITY“. Join us in supporting Green Heroes Austria creating a more sustainable and cleaner Austria! Three special packages are available.


We had the pleasure to host the founder of Green Heroes as a speaker at RACVI in December 2019, and were persuaded first-hand of their methods – the cause speaks for itself. Green Heroes explain:

Mit dem Konzept seines Ernährungsworkshops für Kinder bringt der Verein Green Heroes Austria kleinen und großen Kindern die Bedeutung gesunder und umweltfreundlicher Ernährung näher. Im Rahmen von Workshops – optimalerweise in Kombination mit einer Wochenaktion – wird in Kindergärten und Horts spielerisch der Zusammenhang zwischen Lebensmitteln Gesundheit und Umweltschutz vermittelt.

In den Workshops wird neben dem Gesundheitsbewusstsein auch das Klima und Umweltbewusstsein gestärkt: Mit Übungen, Spielen und einer Klima Kochwerkstatt sensibilisieren wir die Kinder dafür, saisonale, regionale Lebensmittel zu essen und eine ausgewogene Ernährung mit mehr Obst und Gemüse in ihren Speiseplan zu integrieren.

Kinderfreundliche Portionen, ein hoher Anteil an biologischen Lebensmitteln und eine Auswahl an vegetarischen Speisen haben einen positiven Einfluss auf Körper, Geist und Natur. Green Heroes Austria übernimmt die Organisation dieser Workshops. Zusätzlich unterstützen wir die ErzieherInnen bei der Umsetzung, sodass sie keine Zusatzarbeit leisten müssen.

Kinder sind die Zukunft unserer Gesellschaft. Wir tragen daher eine bedeutungsvolle Verantwortung hinsichtlich ihrer Erziehung. Ein Bewusstsein für gesunde Ernährung führt zu einer gesunden Entwicklung und damit zu einer gesunden Gesellschaft: Mit Kindergartenessen wollen wir die Welt verbessern.


You can order your tickets and donate either directly via Eventbrite, or you can make a reservation for any given number of tickets and make a donation via direct transfer. Please read below for instructions on making an order with a donation via direct transfer. All tickets are non-refundable.


STARTER package (15,00 €):

Donate 15,00 € for the starter package and you get an amazing experience in the exclusive and private Weinclub7 with a surprise filled Tombola. The ticket includes the entrance fee, soft drinks and delicious finger food from the buffet. Join us for a spectacular evening of wine, laughter and fun.

Wine FAN package (25,00 €):

This package is a treat for all true wine fans out there. Join us for an eventful evening of Tombola and a wine auction with rarities from all over the world. The wine lovers package includes the entrance fee for the evening, amazing and delicious finger food from the buffet, 4 glasses of wine from the bar and soft drinks . Indulge yourself in an evening of laughter and great wines.

Wine LOVERS package (LIMITED – 35,00 €):

This is for the true wine lovers who can’t wait for this event to kick off. For you we have created this perfect package. It includes the entrance fee for the evening event, amazing and delicious finger food from the buffet, soft drinks, 4 glasses of wine from the bar and our exclusive wine tasting event from 5 – 6 pm prior to the wine lovers evening.


To order tickets and donate via direct transfer, please use the Eventbrite order form to make a reservation for any number of tickets you would like. You will receive a reservation confirmation with an ORDER NUMBER (on Eventbrite and via email).

Then please make a transfer to our account with your ORDER NUMBER (from the reservation confirmation or email) as the PAYMENT REFERENCE.

Once we have received your funds, we will send you your TICKETS, which are VALID FOR ADMISSION via email.

NB: we need to receive your funds within one week of your reservation, else your reservation will be cancelled.

Account details:
IBAN: AT95 2011 1839 3284 8900
Name: Rotaract Club Vienna International

A Message from One of Our Members

“I got to know Rotary through a very good friend of my parents, — … at the Rotary Club —, … who sent my sister and me to the Rotary summer camps – I will always be grateful for the wonderful memories we have made there and the still lasting friendships!

Since we all are very privileged in Austria, I always had in mind to give something back to the society and to be more socially involved. Finding time has been my biggest challenge so far, but after the mom of one of my best friends told me about the Rotaract Club Vienna-International, I thought to myself – let’s try it – now, or never!

After this year as a guest, I was able to see how ambitious and committed this Rotaract club is. Also from a humanitarian point of view; I can say that this club is unique and I am fully convinced that I made the right choice.

It [will] be wonderful to be part of your community and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead!”

  • Diana, first new member post-chartering